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Below you'll find release dates (where available) for all the products that Bender/Helper Impact's clients have in the pipeline. For more information on a product please click on its name. Or you can go straight to what you're after using the search box to the right there.
You can also sort the schedule by product name or date.
December 2015
Cosmic LeagueCyberStep, Inc. PC TBC
For The KingIronOak Games Mac  2016
For The KingIronOak Games PC  2016
To be announced
H1Z1Daybreak Game Company PS4 TBA
LandmarkDaybreak Game Company PC TBA
Music SoulSnail Games PC TBA
PlanetSide 2Daybreak Game Company PS4 TBA
Solar TempestSnail Games PC TBA
RochardDaybreak Game Company PS3 TBA
CorporateDaybreak Game Company PC TBA
EverQuest NextDaybreak Game Company PC TBA
Black Gold OnlineSnail Games PC TBA
Chronicle: RuneScape LegendsJagex Games Studio Mob TBA
Chronicle: RuneScape LegendsJagex Games Studio Mac TBA
Chronicle: RuneScape LegendsJagex Games Studio PC TBA
DokuroGungHo Online Entertainment PC TBA
DokuroGungHo Online Entertainment Mob TBA
EntropyJagex Games Studio PC TBA
GameTree TVTransGaming Mob TBA
Heroes ChargeuCool Mob TBA
Heroes of GaiaSnail Games Mob TBA
King of WushuSnail Games PC TBA
King of WushuSnail Games XB1 TBA
Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceTransGaming Mac TBA
NosgothSquare Enix PC TBA
Puzzle & DragonsGungHo Online Entertainment Mob TBA
Puzzle Heroes SagaSnail Games Mob TBA
RuneScapeJagex Games Studio PC TBA
RuneScapeJagex Games Studio Mac TBA
Taichi PandaSnail Games Mob TBA
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